Saturday, July 13, 2013


As what I used as the tittle
  I am back

Finished the last paper on last Thursday, the 4th of July
and my flight was on the 8th of July which is four days ago

*In the plane*

This sweet girl next to me named Jesse Mah
this girl actually came late to Adelaide Airport
 her baggage was overweight
so she spent much time to check in 
and this lead to an big issue
which is the departure gate closed 20 minutes before our flight
but we are late ! 
The person in charge lead us to pass through customs and security checks without queuing
there are long long queues

will be back very soon 

Here I come everyone
back to the very


since my everything are here


guess what? I did not feel extremely happy when i was leaving 
because i left the lonely babe alone in Adelaide

the moment when the plane landed 
nothing can describe my feeling
to make it easy, I'm just too excited

here comes my dates

that night when i reached home

8th July

Beh, guang jian and munhong came to my house with a roti kosong and satu bungkus of teh ais
they said i makan roti macam makan burger lol

9th July

Malaysia welcome me with fever, sore throat, body aching and headache
but who cares, i still ate my food, drove my friend

College mate Kiki came all the way from Kampar to chill with me for four days three nights
and so my job is to be a driver . I'm willing to

we went to The Mines ( not sure whether to call it The Mines or CapitalMall )
as she told me she wanted to shop
yes , you know ....typical lady 
hand bags
  because of me not feeling well we just had a short walk

and then Sungai Long Pasar Malam
blah blah blah i call it PASAR MALAM instead of night market =)
malaysian style mah 


Kiki was so shocked that i wanted to eat so much food 
I'm fat. whatever

10th July
CPU mate gathering

We had brunch at First Subang Japanese Restaurant which i forgotten the name

The sashimi set
(argh...i shaked my hand)

and then Loud Speaker for karaoke session

From left 
Me, Kiki, Seth, Eiling, Mei Sze

WHY you closed your eyes dude 

This girl is in Adelaide now.
will meet you there in two weeks time =)

we did enjoy those time we spent together 

I was suppose to join my relatives for dinner at Kepong but i don't know the way to Kepong
Eiling said that she can lead me there
So we decided to go to Desa Park City since it is nearby Kepong and it is chilling

Desa Park City

Ah I love you all 

11th July


Hang out with Kiki
called Vivien and Becky along since they know each other 

Kiki wanted to try Plan B cuz she saw lots of people posting photos of Plan B's food

camwhore after ordering foods is a trend 

with Becky

with Kiki 
*Love is in the air*

with vivien wee wang wang

 me with the happey face

@Plan B

Soft Shell Crab Salad

Wild Mushroom Soup

Eggs Benedict

Chicken Burger


Cappuccino art

after brunch we went to shopping again as i said earlier
Kiki wanted to 

and i experienced something again


2 hours from midvalley back to my home
*normally 20 minutes will do*

at night
Sweeties came to my house 
(Tek, Mc, Rui)
girls talk? not really
just to bull shit haha
 so we talk this and that to update each other

sweet sweet home 



Additional post

 last sunday 0707 was babe's birthday

babe nicole and i baked a chocolate cake for her 

The night is started with these babies 

and then the girl's cam-whore session

with cici from china

with Angie and Alex(my big brother) lol

last but not least
here are all the girls of the night

front from left: Blair, wee
back from left: Cici, Me, Babe, Ang

after the pre-drink, we went to HQ and then K-illusion. 
until the next morning, 8 o'clock

for the complete version of blogpost about this night


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